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Premium Tungsten Carbide

Increase your performance, wear resistance, predictability and repeatability across the board.

Proficiency and Knowledge

Our understanding of manufacturing capabilities and processes ensure optimum development speed between prototyping and production.

Grade Offerings

Extramet offers an extensive range of grades to better suit any application requiring wear and/or corrosion resistance.

Industry SolutionsTungsten Carbide is utilized in all manufacturing industries across the globe

Aerospace and Defense

Customized Tungsten Carbide grades are the preferred and most suitable rotary cutting tool substrate in the aerospace and defense sector.

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From machining key components to the components themselves, Tungsten Carbide plays an undeniably pertinent role in all stages of energy generation.

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The automotive industry is vast, demanding, and lean centric. Flexible systems are in place to guarantee just-in-time delivery of high quality products based on, but not held to estimated annual usage.

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Medical Equipment

Tungsten carbide possesses the physical properties, versatility, and usefulness to stand up to the needs.

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General Manufacturing

Tungsten carbide jewelry is affordable, and has a nice weight to it, like gold and platinum.

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Food and Packaging

A leading Swiss milk processor uses homogenizing plant supplied by a leading international manufacturer.

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Featured ProductsTungsten Carbide built with Purpose

Cutting Tool Blanks

Tungsten Carbide is the foundation of all cutting tools made from the material. Just like the substructure of a building, starting with a superior foundation for your cutting tool is the only choice for highest performance and lowest cost function of any finished tool.

Engineered Wear Parts

Tungsten Carbide can be fabricated and/or machined into almost any shape of various sizes. Components within a system exhibiting excessive wear or precipitating replacement too frequently should be Tungsten Carbide.

Concept – Approved Production

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No matter where you are in the product or process lifecycle, Extramet can improve your efficiencies, increase your throughput, and reduce or eliminate any burden associated with supply chain concerns. Dedicated and on-demand stock programs can be developed to accommodate any/all lean manufacturing initiatives.

HOT Rush Emergency Support

We Can Help

Extramet’s inhouse grinding capabilities and extensive raw material sintered stock allow for the quickest reaction time and product pivoting in the carbide industry. Chaos, uncertainty, unpredictability, and other issues will always be present. Extramet’s support enables its partners to stay the course…NO MATTER WHAT!

Guaranteed Bang-for-your-Buck

Everyone associated with Extramet is personally invested in complete satisfaction and amiable experiences while supplying products built to outlast.

Extramet Materials Used By

Do you have a wear problem that Tungsten Carbide can solve?

We, at Extramet, take pride in offering simples solutions for complex maintenance problems in underperforming systems. Our hardmetal components delivery exceptional performance under the most challenging conditions. Wear-proofing specialists are ready and willing to partner with you to solve all of your frustrating wear issues.