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Extramet has been pioneering the field of tungsten-carbide for over 35 years. The powerful combination of the unique tungsten carbide material and our extensive global expertise has allowed us to minimize wear and improve productivity for our customers across any sector. Our products are globally used in a wide range of applications in many industry sectors demanding high precision parts and tools.

Food Packaging

Greater productivity for the food and packaging industry. The valves used in the industrial homogenization of milk are subject to tremendous wear. Partnering with a Swiss leader in milk processing, we found several productivity-enhancing solutions.
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Extramet is particularly experienced in developing and producing tools for the automotive industry and may deservedly be called the top tungsten carbide partner in the automotive sector.
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Medical Equipment

Tungsten carbide has proven to be the metal alloy above all others that possesses the physical properties, versatility, and usefulness to stand up to the needs of healthcare professionals across the world.
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Oil & Gas

Extramet is one of the best suppliers to the oil and gas industries, where the durability of hard metal products makes them suitable to use in the hostile subsea engineering environment. Tungsten carbide is used to manufacture extremely hard wearing components such as control valves, liners and bearing housings for use in exploration and flow control applications.
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Extramet hardmetal components deliver exceptional performance under challenging conditions – quality is engrained in everything we do and every component we touch. We are committed to providing responsive, localized support to our customers.
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Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace industry requires a long-lasting and reliable material in the construction and implementation of various machinery and equipment. Tungsten Carbide is providing a material that is changing the way the aviation industry produces parts.
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