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Premium Tungsten Carbide

Extramet “Next Generation” tungsten carbide materials deliver exceptional performance for the most rigorous applications.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Our understanding of design for manufacturing offers customers optimum improvements early in the product development cycle.

Extramet Grades

Extramet offers a full range of carbide grades, grain sizes and material solutions designed to resist wear and corrosion.

Industry SolutionsExtramet's work spans almost all industries in the world

Aerospace and Defense

Tungsten Carbide is providing a material that is changing the way the aviation industry produces parts.

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Tungsten carbide is used to manufacture extremely hard wearing components such as control valves.

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Extramet may deservedly be called the top tungsten carbide partner in the automotive sector.

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Medical Equipment

Tungsten carbide possesses the physical properties, versatility, and usefulness to stand up to the needs.

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General Manufacturing

Tungsten carbide jewelry is affordable, and has a nice weight to it, like gold and platinum.

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Food and Packaging

A leading Swiss milk processor uses homogenizing plant supplied by a leading international manufacturer.

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Featured ProductsSee what products we create for various industrial applications

Cutting Tool Blanks

Maximum edge stability and perfect surface finishing ensure excellent cutting results. Paper and printing industries, Sheet metal-processing industry · Plastics industry

Engineered Wear Parts

Improved safety, higher efficiency, better results. These components are used in General wear protection in many different sectors and industries

True End-to-End Supplier

Extramet prides itself on being a partner that can take our customer’s projects from goal line to end zone. We’ve helped countless Quality Control Engineers, Purchasing Agents/Managers avoid the headache of juggling too many vendors. Extramet can help eliminate unnecessary handoffs.

Go to Parts In a Pinch

Extramet has an in-house grinding shop that allows us to deliver products in a pinch (sometimes within 24-48 hours). Extramet is unique because we maintain proper inventories based on past and future demands of recurring clients. This allows us to take near net size parts and modify them to your exact needs meaning we can deliver accurate parts to our customers extremely fast with minimal lead time.

Rapid Prototyping

Pushing what’s possible We live for customers who have ideas for parts that no one else can make. Embracing the unknown Our team loves exploring new ideas with our customers. Whether it be on the back of a napkin or a sketch, our engineers embrace helping customers explore ideas for parts that can supercharge their business. Fresh Ideas/ New Perspectives  Some of the biggest advancements have come from folks curious enough to look for a better way. We are here to help consult customers from idea to prototype. 

Extramet Materials Used By

Do you have a wear problem that Tungsten Carbide can solve?

Extramet tungsten carbide components are hard at work taking on the tough jobs in the oil and gas industry. Our hardmetal components deliver exceptional performance under the most challenging conditions. Our wear proofing specialists are ready to partner with you to solve your toughest wear situations.