Tungsten Carbide in Food and Packaging

Tungsten carbide can safely be used in the food industry and offers many advantages. Wear-resistant solutions by Extramet are characterized by a HIGH CORROSION RESISTANCE. This facilitates the cleaning of machine components with aggressive solvents equal to stainless steel. Established applications of machine parts made of solid tungsten carbide in the food sector include stirring paddles, blades, whisks, nozzles, grinder parts, separator rings, homogenizing pins, and more.

A leading Swiss milk processor uses homogenizing plant supplied by a leading international manufacturer. By default, homogenizing valves are made of steel. Our challenge was to reduce the high rate of wear. Using EXTRAMET tungsten carbide valves, the rate of wear was reduced to a third. This improvement affects the entire unit: the homogenizing valve, the valve seat and the impact ring. The direct results of this improvement were an increase in productivity and a reduction in maintenance costs.